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My summer - great weekend in Luts'k

I'm still trying to tell you about some amazing trips I've had this summer, but my work schedule is still too full. So I hope you'll forgive me for not posting as often as I'd like too. So the next day after flying back to Kyiv from Moscow I went to Lusts'k - my friend's parents live there and we had a chance to stay at their place while they were on rafting in Croatia.
So here are some pictures from those hot summer days. Luts'k is a beautifull small city in northwestern Ukraine. It has a great history, lovely people, delicious food and a beautiful castle.

So let me take you for a walk and show you this great place as I saw it on hot July days)))

IMG_4273 (563x422)

Beautiful flowers by my friend's parents' summer house.

IMG_4274 (563x422)

IMG_4276 (563x750)

I came home with rather nice tan))

IMG_4278 (563x422)

Children's railroad - it's a real, functioning railroad, where children can learn everything about trains.

IMG_4279 (563x422)

One of the main streets

IMG_4283 (563x422)

Spice shop called  "The Spice Queen")

IMG_4284 (563x422)

IMG_4286 (563x422)

IMG_4287 (563x422)

IMG_4289 (563x422)

IMG_4291 (563x422)

IMG_4292 (563x422)

IMG_4293 (563x422)

IMG_4296 (563x422)

Luts'k main Catholic cathedral

IMG_4302 (563x422)

One of the castle's tower

IMG_4304 (563x422)

Huge chess board

IMG_4308 (563x422)

The castle was built by prince Lubart, son of Gediminals (who built Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania - I'm gonna tell you about him when I get to my Lithuanian vacation)

IMG_4309 (563x422)

IMG_4310 (563x422)

IMG_4311 (563x422)

IMG_4312 (563x750)

IMG_4313 (563x422)

IMG_4314 (563x422)

It says "Roksolana" - a beautiful Ukrainian name, also one of the name of national heroine of Ukraine and the wife of Suleiman the Magnificent, Anastasia Lisowska)

IMG_4316 (563x750)

IMG_4317 (563x422)

IMG_4318 (563x422)

IMG_4319 (563x422)

Apple tree in the court yard of the castle

IMG_4320 (563x422)

IMG_4322 (563x422)

The castle's prison

IMG_4323 (563x750)

The museum of bells

IMG_4325 (563x422)

IMG_4326 (563x422)

IMG_4327 (563x422)

IMG_4329 (563x422)

IMG_4330 (563x750)

The city from the castle's window

IMG_4331 (563x422)

IMG_4332 (563x422)

IMG_4335 (563x422)

IMG_4337 (563x422)

IMG_4339 (563x422)

IMG_4340 (563x422)

IMG_4342 (563x750)

IMG_4343 (563x422)

IMG_4347 (563x422)

The directions to other European cities - Trakai (I visited it when I was in Lithuania), Białystok, Olsztyn, Torun.

IMG_4348 (563x750)

Sviatyij Mykolai (St.Nicholas) - saint patron of Luts'k

IMG_4349 (563x750)

Dobry vojak Svejk - the character from the very famous book by Czech writer Jaroslev Hasek. This restoran is named after him

IMG_4350 (563x750)

IMG_4351 (563x750)

The St. Peter and  Paul cathedral

IMG_4352 (563x422)

Me))) My friend told me that it's the nessesary photo for everyone, who visits Luts'k for the first time)) I still have my ice-cream in my hand)

IMG_4353 (563x422)

IMG_4354 (563x422)

Playground in the city park

Well, I hope you've enjoyed our walk as much as I enjoyed visiting this beautiful city)) 

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  1. What an amazing trip! Oh you are so lucky to be able to travel. I feel like I never go anywhere these days. I hear you about being busy, this has been a terrible month for blogging for me. Adrienne and I are focusing on hats for the Nov. 'How I Wear My' post. Do you ever wear them? You can send me a picture if you want by Nov. 1, I'm hosting again. We'd love to have you! We are about to get a hurricane tomorrow night in NYC so I hope we still have power so I can work on this post! XO, Jill