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Lviv, day 3 - Lots of art and some angels

Our last day in Lviv was bittersweet. It was amazing, but it was the last.
We went to a few museums, had a great dinner at Bianco Rosso, went for a walk. And then there was the time to leave. 
We've had the best time in one of my favorite cities in the entire world. Thank you, Lviv, and see you next year!

Наш останній день у Львові був і веселим і сумним водночас. Він був класним, але він був останнім.
Ми сходили до кількох музеїв, пообідали у Bianco Rosso, погуляли. А потім був час їхати.
Ми чудово провели час у моєму найулюбленішому місті у світі. Дякую, місто Лева. Побачимось за рік!

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I wore:
Dress - Sister's (I've bought it the day before from their sale rack for something like 6$)
Cardigan - Ostin
Belt - Centro
Denim jacket - Jennifer
Bag - Centro
Flats - Blink
Earrings - DIY
Hot-air baloon necklace - Plato
Bracelets - Topshop and street vendors
Scarf - Six

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You can see how many earrings I wear in my left ear))

Тут видно, скільки сережок я ношу у лівому вусі))

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7-1 (563x422)

Live statues - they are amazing, honestly. I don't even know how they do it))

Живі статуї. Навіть не знаю, як вони це роблять, але вони кльові)

7-2 (563x750)

IMG_4938 (563x422)

At the art gallery

У художній галереї

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At the modern art exibition (those glass things were the only remotely interesting thing there))

На виставці сучасного мистецтва (ці скляні штуки - єдина цікава річ в усьому приміщенні)

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IMG_4943 (563x422)

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  1. Very sexy dress! I love the colour on you! Ah for another summer holiday...
    The angel busker is great!

  2. Lviv looks like a beautiful place and you look gorgeous in purple. x

  3. Cute outfit! It sounds and looks like it was an amazing trip! xx

  4. Oh you are so lucky to be able to travel like you do. The pictures are great and you look lovely as usual. You photograph so well! Thank you for joining us for the Date Night look roundup--and for telling me that your outfit was a dress not a top! XO, Jill