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First two weeks in Thailand

Just a few instagram pictures about my life in Chiang Mai so far.

599115_10151490845204650_809571185_n (278x278) 481146_10151481099729650_2093061710_n (278x278)

1. My new dress (I bought it yesterday on a Sunday wlaking street market) and a hat. 2. The cutest bike I was riding last week. I had to return it to it's owners on Saturday and my heart is still a little bit broken.

Awesome things in Thailand - there are so many cool things here, that make me happy every single day)

392955_10151485546734650_1901762410_n (278x278) 72458_10151484776164650_1834868243_n (278x278)
3. Fish in the vase! (and also my new shoes). 4. Thailand's got talent))
71915_10151488482699650_1566017074_n (278x278) 45459_10151488793104650_963117557_n (278x278)
5. Gates to Chinatown. 6. My cute neighbour - tiny pretty gecko)

Leaving Kyiv - it was very hard for me, but everyone was super supportive/

299803_10151472710054650_1304419241_n (278x278) 69285_10151492593559650_178664611_n (278x278)
7. The box of paper tulips - a present from my friends. I keep them in my room now) 8. I strongly suggest to go to Bangkok with transfer in Amman. Just for the sake of a fun sticker))

Food - I'm becoming food obsessed here. Everything is so delicious and so cheap)

733834_10151472712334650_793155597_n (278x278) 485997_10151483133324650_1584013423_n (278x278)
9-10 - Fruit shakes - perfect for this heat and super delicious.
625653_10151488791329650_1756791995_n (278x278) 537757_10151477030524650_1394560667_n (278x278)
11. Amazing salad you can buy in every supermarket. 12. Fresh fruits every morning.
392819_10151492583759650_1496720317_n (278x278) 208673_10151485536859650_1038981994_n (278x278)
13. Sushi at the Pratu Chiang Mai market. 14. Fried fish balls

Books - I don't need to buy any paper books, but I still love going to bookstores

599621_10151492628719650_1163910218_n (278x278) 63015_10151492654564650_905994211_n (278x278)
15. Gecko Books - they have loots of cool stuff... 16. Fo example - a special shelf for 'Lord of the Rings' books...
485140_10151477029599650_1611786827_n (278x278) 600220_10151477030164650_2027562254_n (278x278)
17. A poster of a movie I really like...  18. And a sleepy cat)

Stuff on markets - there are lots of markets around the city. Flower market, Warorot market, Night bazaar etc. You can fing really cool stuff on lots of them.

733764_10151478873094650_1569340634_n (278x278) 581749_10151478871859650_403437838_n (278x278)
19. Sponge Bob shoes) 20. Little cute moneybank, that look like Tardis (still a devoted Doctor Who fan))
72384_10151478873494650_325154948_n (278x278) 1804_10151485523744650_60377503_n (278x278)
21. Locally crafted shoes. 22. Amazing decorative lights.

Here are just a few things I love about Chiang Mai. So stay tunned for more)

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  1. Are you working there or just pleasure??'
    How fabulous.

  2. looks like you're having lots of fun! and those goooooodies! yum!

  3. I can't believe you are now living in Thailand?!? What? I would love to hear the story on this! Keep the pictures coming! XO, Jill

  4. OMG I am so jealous! Moving to Thailand! You lucky thing, very brave but very cool. So your gonna have lots of interesting an d swoon worthy pictures now I suppose, lol! Look forward to seeing more!

    Daisy Dayz

  5. Hi again Marina! Thank you for joining us for the "How I Wear My: Everyday Bag" post. I love the bag and those amazing pants too! XO, Jill

  6. Congratulations and well done on making the big move!! I've not met anyone who didn't have a good time in Thailand ... sure, there are all kinds of people in every country, but it seems like a place where everyone wants to live a happy life. I guess that's why so many of us are so hooked on Thai food! And how could you not be happy when people are wearing Spongebob shoes and have goldfish in vases? How are you coping with the humidity? wow such a big difference - from very cold to very hot! Beautiful pictures and I'm looking forward to many more of your adventures. Hugs, Desiree xo

  7. I'm excited for you! Good luck and best wishes to you. Love your new blue dress.