неділя, 21 квітня 2013 р.

Flashes of Thailand

Sorry for disappearing on you again. I promice to be more discipled from now on)
Here are some pictures just to make you feel the city's vibe.

IMG_5564 (563x422)

This one was taken at Chiang Mai University. I'm going to dedicate an entire post to this beautiful place.

IMG_5328 (563x422)

One of my favorite temples.

IMG_5330 (563x422)

True words.

IMG_5331 (563x422)

IMG_5336 (563x422)

One of the guesthouses I've checked out when I was looking for a room.

IMG_5345 (563x750)

IMG_5403 (563x422)

IMG_5396 (563x422)

IMG_5399 (563x422)

Beautiful temple in the Chinese district.

IMG_5347 (563x422)

The perimeter of the moat is an alcohol free zone.

IMG_5350 (563x422)

IMG_5355 (563x422)

Paper tulips again - I just love my wonderful friends.

IMG_5386 (563x422)

The yard of an amazing temple on Thapae Rd.

IMG_5387 (563x422)

IMG_5394 (563x422)

IMG_5409 (563x422)

Beautiful flowers at Warorot market

IMG_5410 (563x422)

IMG_5411 (563x422)

It's all for now, but I'll keep the pictures coming))

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