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TV-style - Joan Watson

I really love "Elementary" and I'm incredibly impressed by Joan's wardrobe.

She has an amazing style - it's feminine, interesting and beautifly casual at the same time. She wears lots of darks and neutrals, but the combinations are really pretty and stylish. Also she layers a lot, and her outfits are both comfortable and fashionable. This is the style of a confidents and strong woman - she has no desire to follow every trend, she already knows who she is and what she likes.

Here are some of my favorite Joan's outfits.

12 (563x845)

How gorgeous is this top? I've been looking for something similar for a few month now.

102458_d0039b (563x847)


Also a really pretty top. The outfit is very simple, but it looks interesting and structured.

elementary style the brunette one (563x376)

elementary_117 (563x317)

elementary-1x14-6 (563x328)

"A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs"--  Sherlock’s ex-drug dealer and friend, Rhys (guest star John Hannah, left), asks Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller, right) for help in finding out who kidnapped his daughter, on ELEMENTARY, Thursday, Feb. 7 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/

She also wears lots of cute hats.

elementary-holmes-watson (563x751)

I love the fact that it's not a plais shirt, but a plain t-shirt. Looks so much more interesting and unusual.

elementary-season-1-sherlock-watson (563x366)

Grey sweater from the first episode.

Main (563x945)

Love the coat so much! It'll never work on my body type, but Joan rocks it.


Uber cute) Grey, black and brown would've look bland, but the floral accent makes everything so much prettier.

Do you watch Elementary? What are your thought on it?

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