вівторок, 23 квітня 2013 р.

Food of the day

While I'm in Thailand, I'm making even more efford to eat healthy - it's quite easy with the gorgeous selection of local fruit and thai ciusine that is generally very healthy and delicious.
So I think I'll try blog about food a little bit more and turn it into a weekly feature.


1. Breakfast - oatmeal with chopped banana, a smal yoghurt and a cup of green tea (not pictured)
2. Lunch - two tofu sandwiches on whole wheat bread, chopped fruit (banana and pineapple) and cappuccino from "7-Eleven". I've invented these sandwiches here and they are so delicious! You just need two slices of whole wheat bread, a piece of tofu and some spices, if you like them (I use spice mixes they give you when you buy pomelo or grapefruit - salt, sugar and chilly). Perfect for lunch.
3. Dinner - fried rice with squid, egg and kale. A meal you can find in every place in Thailand. It's delicious, and I think that first two weeks in Chiang Mai I've lived on this rice and green tea.
4. Evening snack - some pomelo with the spice mix. It's so fresh and yummy I eat it almost every day)

I hope this post was interesting at least for some of my readers. See you tomorrow)

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