субота, 11 липня 2015 р.

Back in Palermo

After one month and half of trying to get used to living in Kyiv again I'm back in Palermo, my second home.

I'm here as a trainer in an Erasmus+ founded TC, so last week was a very hectic, but at the same time a very beautiful experience. 

During the training course we were speaking a lot about our dreams and goals, and the more I think about it, the more I understand that my only dream right now is to be able to stay close to the people I love. And as it's quiet easy for me to be with my family in Ukraine, I really wish for a chance to just be close to my bf. Finding love is already not easy, but in the current situation, when I had all the necessary docs, but anyways was literally interrogated and searched in Munich airport just because I'm Ukrainian, it becames even harder. I really wish for more wisdom for this world, wisdom and kidness. I wish for people not to be separated by borders from their loved ones.

What are you wishing for?


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