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What to do in Milan if you only have a few hours?

First time I've visited in Milan in October 2014, on my way to the study session in Budapest. In total I spent there eight hours, including debating whether I should go there, searching for a place to leave my suitcase and two hours spent on a bus - to get to central station from Bergamo and return back to the airport. 

My second stay in Milan (four days ago!) lasted about 15 hours, mostly because my flight from Palermo was delayed for 5 hours. So I arrived there tired, sleep deprived and hungry, but still wanted to make a little trip around. 

I really hope that one way I will be able to say "I stayed in Milan for __ day" instead of "I stayed in Milan for __ hours", but I don't know when it's going to happen - on my way back I will also have something around 18 hours there.  But still it's a great experience, because it makes you really appreciate time and opportunities you get in life. 


So what can you do in Milan if you only have a few hours? 

1. Take a bus from the airport to Milan central station. There are direct buses from both Bergamo and Malpensa airports, so there’s no chance to get lost. 

2. Eat a sandwich (optional). There’s a bar inside the central station that makes panini with shrimp on black bread. Yes, not dark, black! They are quiet expensive, so this step is really optional, but it was so unusual to see that I just had to try it. 

3. Take subway till Duomo station. 

4. Pretty obvious – see Duomo, both outside and inside. Sometimes people watching on the square can be more entertaining than any sightseeing – it’s a perfect place for a street photographer. 

5. Visit Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (turn left from piazza Duomo). The first time I entered there, I almost sweared –I didn’t expect this place to look so much like Galleria Umberto I in Naples. But they don’t just look alike, they are completely similar (apart from the star signs on the floor of the Naples gallery) 

6. Walk around for a bit and eat panzerotti – fried dough envelopes with a filling. I tried the tomato and mozzarella one, but my friend says that the best one is with ricotta and spinach. I will have to try it on my way back!


7. Visit Castello Sforzesco – it’s very near to Duomo, so you can manage visit them both if you’re on a tight schedule. 

8. If you planned it put – do some shopping. Milan has almost every brand there is and then some more) 

9. Feel the city spirit - the rhythm of life, the amazing street style, the

10. Don’t miss your plane/train/bus! 

Of course there are many more things to do in Milan, but I guess this is the perfect way both to enjoy the city and to see some sights. I’ll keep you posted - I know that one day I will manage to stay there for at least one full day!

Disclamer - all the photos and content belongs to me. 

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