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Every little thing

Facebook memories reminded me of this story. At that time I was living in Northern Thailand. I remember that day clearly - I took my friends who were visiting me in Chiang Mai to China Town to shop for silk and then we planned to have a vegetarian lunch on Nimmanhaemin road - the posh area on the other side of the Old City. My friends were went with the motorbike and I took a songtao - a red truck that is the most popular way of transportation. And this is what happened. I copied the story from my old FB post - just how I wrote it all down the same day:

"Had an amazing experience today. I was taking a songtao from Thapae road to Nimman. It was empty, apart from some young guy in sunglasses (he looked about 19-20). He was crying. I asked him, what was wrong. He said that it's just everything. I don't know why, but I said that he can tell me, because he'll never see me again. He was still crying, but he told me that he's bipolar and that he hadn't slept for two days. That he crushed his bike in December, that his younger brother is doing drugs, that he had to buy very cheap engagement ring for his girlfriend, because he has to pay a fortune for the wedding. Said that his name is Nicky and that he'd never met anyone from Ukraine. Asked if he looks crazy, but I said that he just looks tired (it was true). Songtao took us to Chiang Mai psychiatric hospital, he payed the songtao driver and waved me for a while. He wasn't crying anymore. If this thing happened in Ukraine 4 month ago, I would've jumped out of the bus in a second. But today, after talking to Nicky, I actually felt better myself. It didn't cost me anything, I barely even said 20 words. But every little thing matters, even listening to a total stranger sometimes. I don't want to forget this."

I don't even know what I want to say with this post. Maybe just to remind myself that yes, every little thing really matters. And it's important to be more attentive to people, more appreciative of what we have and enjoy every moment and experience more. 

Because life is crazy, unpredictable and very short. 

Have a great day!

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