субота, 4 червня 2016 р.

Lviv, Ukraine is 5th on Lonely Planet's Best in Europe list!

Lonely Planet website recently posted their Best in Europe list, suggesting the best cities to visit in 2016.

I personally agree with them completely - Lviv is a real treasure and one of the top Ukrainian must-sees! I've been there many times and I love it with all of my heart. I've never lived there, so my vision of it is probably overly romanticized, but it's a great weekend destination - beautiful, cozy, romantic. There you can eat the best food and drink the best coffee with the best cakes.

I've been to Lviv a number of times, and you can find some of my travel notes if you follow this link - LVIV.

Check out also Lonely Planet's article 48 hours in Lviv, they have nice suggestions on what to see/ where to go/what to eat. And I promise that next time when I will visit Lviv I will make an updated guide wit the new places and new routes!


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