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#45daysofblogging 03: beautiful Helsingborg

Day 3 - August 20

Welcome to day 3! Today I will tell you about a gloomy day in a beautiful cozy Helsingborg and show you some photos, as I made quite a few.


Helsingborg is a small city in the South of Sweden, that I already mentioned in my first post of #45daysofblogging. As we spent a week in Örkelljunga, which is very charming, but also very little, it was very nice to a bigger city and feel it's atmosphere a bit.


I'd say we got quite unlucky with the weather, as the whole day was very grey and gloomy, and after the small guide tour, when we were supposed to have some free time to walk around, it started raining.


But I still loved this experience. It's a city on the sea side, beautiful and well-organised. From Helsingborg you can take a ferry (I mentioned in in my post about Copenhagen) and get to Helsingør (the city on the Danish side) in about 20-25 minutes. BTW, the difference between Swedish and Danish architectures was almost mind-blowing - from small houses in villages to the buildings in the cities. 


As we spent Easter in Sweden, everything around us was decorated for the holiday - with flowers, bunnies and chickens, pastel colors and other spring goodies.


I just couldn't pass this beautiful wreath!


As I already mentioned, the weather wasn't that great, so after a small walk around the city center and a visit to the fortress we pretty much went hiding - in coffee shops, wonderfully cheap H&M stores, bakeries and other great places that saved us from the rain and cold wind. But I honestly prefer it this way - I dislike traveling just to put "checked" next to every monument and historical place. For me it's much more enjoyable to walk around a bit, to look at people, to have a nice cup of coffee and to feel the pulse of the city.


And I believe that I felt it in Helsingborg. In the previous post on Sweden I already described the magical moment with lamps and cozy lights. Unfortunately I have no photos to illustrate it, but it was one of those cathartic moments I love traveling for. The same thing I felt in Bangkok, sitting on the roof of Banyan Tree sky-scraper and seeing the wall of rain approaching, or in Angkor Wat, looking at the swarm of dragonflies over the temple moat. 


That was one of the moments that count. 

See you tomorrow, guys!

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