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#45daysofblogging 04: Valdemone festival in Pollina

Day 4 - August 21

Welcome to the day 4!

Yesterday I suddenly got a chance to visit the annual festival of street theater called Valdemone for the first time. The first time I've heard about it two years ago, when I was still a volunteer - every bar in Palermo had the festival's sticker on walls, doors, mirrors etc.


But as I don't drive, have no car and at that point had no idea where is Pollina, I just admired the cute vintage bicycle on the logo and wished for one of the stickers to put on my laptop. And forgot about it for two years.Until yesterday, when I was invited to visit the festival's last day.


I consider Pollina one of my one-day trips around Sicily, as the town is quiet small and an absolute must see. Having said that, the festival itself for sure is an activity fr a few days. Just imagine numerous fun, colorful and charming street performances on the small cobbled squares and streets of a medieval town, and you for sure will agree.


The performances vary from soap bubble performances and acrobatics to juggling and bicycles. They unite not only artists from Sicily, but from another parts of Italy and even other countries. 


So Valdemone is a fiery cocktail of the beauty of the medieval town on the top of the mountain, great performances and a very nice appreciative public. Do you want to tell me that you are still not convinced?


I will leave you with my a bit awkward selfie and wish you a good night! See you tomorrow!

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