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#45daysofblogging 01: quiet beauty of the Swedish countryside

Day 1 - August 18

So welcome to the day 1 of my crazy ambitious blogging marathon!

As I promised you a few posts ago, this post is dedicated to the Swedish village I had a chance to visit in March. I have to admit - Sweden stole my heart in the first few hours. So in this post you will find a lot of love and admiration for the aesthetics and the beauty of Swedish nature, houses and life overall. Also it's a great post to have a drinking game with - take a shot every time you see words "beauty", "beautiful" and "aesthetic"!


I went to Sweden to participate in a seminar on migration, which is my field of research and work. You already know that my first stop on the way there was in Copenhagen. From there I took a train and in a few hours was in Helsingborg (I will tell you about my visit there in a few days).


One-hour bus ride from Helsingborg - and I was already in Örkelljunga, where the seminar was taking place. 

The red house is one of the residence parts, the green one is the gym/sauna complex.

As I already said, I really fell hard for Sweden. There are countries you feel good in for some reason, but there are countries that just overwhelm you with their beauty and general awesomeness. And this was exactly the case. 


I was left completely mesmerized not only by the beauty of the nature or the peaceful life, but also by the beauty and functionality of the small things. I have no idea how they are doing it, but every little thing is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but also simple and functional.


I literally spent the whole week just in awe of how simple, minimalistic and truly beautiful this country is. Not flashy by any means, not overdone, but just wonderful.


One thing I really got obsessed over are lamps. Not just lamps, but lamps on the windows. Big ones, small ones, one or a couple, all shapes and sizes, they are everywhere, in every window. On the day of our visit to Helsingborg we were taking a bus in the evening when it just started becoming darker. The whole city was slowly turning on those lamps, and their yellow cozy lights took me back to the fairy-tales I used to read as a child.

*Trivia - as soon as I came back to Palermo, I scored a great small lamp on a night flee market. It costed me a total of 3 euro, but it gives wonderful orange light and always reminds me of that magical moment, when every window in Helsingborg was starting to glow, one by one. 


Also the houses! Look, how simple and beautiful they are. Every free hour I was spending discovering the neighborhood with my camera ("some call it stalking, I call it love"(c))


I always had a soft spot for Swedish books (from fairy-tales to detective stories which I adore) and movies, and now I can definitely say that finally seeing Sweden with my own eyes was even more exciting as I thought. 


It's the country I want to come back to, again and again. To enjoy the countryside, discover new regions and cities, eat kanelbullar and freeze in the twilight, when people will start switching on lamps in their windows.


I hope this post was interesting (and the drinking game successful). 
See you tomorrow!

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