середа, 17 серпня 2016 р.

Project: 45 days of blogging

Yes. Yes! I know, I'm crazy, but I'm in a need of a personal project for these days, as I am literally one of the three people, who stayed in Palermo for Ferragosto time.


* Note for people who are new to this - Ferragosto is an Italian holiday, celebrated at the same time as the Catholic holiday of Assumption of Mary (as far as I know, as I'm not a Catholic). But celebrations of Ferragosto have basically nothing to do with religion. As August tends to be the hottest summer month, especially here, on the South, it's also a time for a long vacation. People are going to their summer villas, offices and shops are closing, and police pretends to control at least something in Palermo (which manifests in them closing two or three beer places for a few hours every night). 

So, as I'm left alone, face to face with August heat, closed bars (not the ones you go for a happy hour to, but the Italian ones - where you have your coffee and cornetto every morning) and my PhD research, I am in a desperate need of something creative to do, apart from staring at the questionnaire, that I really need to finish by September.

I know it will require a lot of discipline and prioritizing, but I was travelling a lot this year, and almost never blogged about it. So I know that if I won't do it now, I'll probably never do it. So expect a lot of photos, travel notes, packing guidelines and thoughts on minimalism, living a happy life and living in a foreign country. 

See you tomorrow! 

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