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#45daysofblogging 21: 10 favorite feelings

Day 21 - September 7

If you remember, a few years ago there was a tag all over youtube – 10 favorite feelings. It might be weird, but since then I was thinking about doing this tag in a form of a blog post. So here are 10 of my favorite feelings. Some of them might be a bit TMI for some people, but what can you do? It’s all about the pleasant feelings and positive emotions.


1. Eating fresh cold fruits 
What can be juicier than a fresh cold grape or a nectarine? One of the best memories in my life is sitting on the marble floor in my second Chiang Mai apartment and eating fresh cold mangosteens just out of the fridge, while the sun is sitting down behind Doi Sutep and the Chinese restaurant downstairs is starting to light up its lights. 

2. Getting warm under a blanket 
Self-explanatory, I guess. I love sleeping with the open windows at all times, even in winter. So getting under the blanket and getting warm, and still being able to breathe fresh air – priceless. 

3. Putting cream on my feet 
For some reason I feel very put together, when I don’t forget any little things from my evening ritual, especially putting cream in my feet. In autumn and winter I try to use body butter as much as possible, and also putting on warm soft socks. 

4. Stretching my back 
It’s one of the things that immediately give more energy and make me feel much more in tune with myself. I don’t like going to gym, but I absolutely love taking dance lessons. I’ve been doing a lot of contemporary dance in the past and to me nothing can compare to the feeling of nicely stretched warmed up muscles. Especially back muscles. 

5. Drying my hands with a paper towel 
I don’t know why, but it feels so nice! And it feels especially nice when I use paper towels. Just the feeling of my hands slowly becoming drier… Mmmm. 

6. To look at the sun with my eyes closed
Everything around you becomes yellow, then orange, then red… It’s one of those things you normally do as a child, but I still enjoy it a lot. 

7. Touching freshly shaved legs 
It might be a bit TMI, but this is truly one of the best feelings ever. If you shaved your legs even once in your life, you will understand me. 

8. Using a face brush 
One of the evening rituals. I don’t have anything super fancy, but mine works quite well and relaxes me even after the most stressful day. It’s both a massage and a cosmetic procedure, and I love when things that are good for you also feel nice (well, who doesn’t?) 

9. Walking on wet sand barefoot 
The nature’s most perfect massage that I adore. I guess it sounds like a cliché, but what can you do? It’s amazing. 

10. Freshly straightened hair 
I’ve recently bought my first ever descent hair straightener, and it honestly opened a new world to me. My hair is wavy (which I like) and quite frizzy (which I’m not a fan of). And the feeling of freshly streghtened silky hair is so nice I don’t understand why I deprived myself of it for so long. Amazing!

That's it. 

Thank you and see you!

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