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#45daysofblogging 24: Turin - days 1 and 2

Day 24 - September 10

In May we went to Turin - the city I fell for hard and fast.

Everybody was telling me that it's beautiful, but I never expected it to also be so comfortable, friendly and artsy (in the best sense of the word). I only do to spend three days there, but I want to come back there again and again, just because I felt so good and comfortable there. Let's put it like this - Turin became the leader of my goal cities for now (while Milan and Rome didn't enter into the competition at all).



I fell completely in love with the pace of life, with all the lovely green areas, that remind me so much of Kyiv, with all the amazing museums and events - festivals, photo exhibitions, plays. Also on the topic of museums - I have to come back just to go to all of them!


And the lovely Piedmont food! My biggest rec for visiting Turin - polenta and grilled scamorza cheese. Wow, just wow! But not just that - they have great cheeses, wines, prosciutto (as far as I heard, as I don't eat meat). 

Shoes - grey Vans*Skirt - H&M*Sweater - Gap*Faux leather jacket - Pimkie*Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage in cream*Scarf - H&M (I bought it in Sweden where it costed 4 times less than in Palermo)



The view from Mole - the most famous building of Turin. I was honestly expecting it to be higher, but in the end was still impressed by the view. 


We finished out first day with the most wonderful aperitivo - there's really no comparison to any aperitivo I already saw. Now I totally agree that it's the specialty of the North of Italy.


And the second day was finished by the wonderful local food. As I already said - I really recommend to try grilled scamorza with radicchio. For the people who eat meat I can suggest stinco di maiale which is a pork leg. Everyone who was with me very very happy that they've ordered it.

So yes, Turin found a place in our hearts and I know I will come back there many times. Stay tuned for the photos from the third day!

See you!

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