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#45daysofblogging 26: Last day in Turin - shadows on via Garibaldi

Day 26 - September 12

The last day in Turin was lazy, warm and very good. Perfect for lazy walks around the city, picking up some last minute necessities, visiting Tiger for the last time (oh, I cannot even explain how much I love it!) and cooking a lovely lunch at our friends home. 


Skirt, tee and cardigan - H&M*Bag - Longchamp Le Pliage in cream

Mornings like this, full of sun and shadows, are just made for lazy walks and people watching. And via Garibaldi is kind of perfect for it. Also - I just had to visit Lush and Tiger for the last time. In Palermo we don't have Lush at all (and in Kyiv we have if for something about 10 years, and I really miss their products), and there's only one Tiger - somewhere very far away... 


But this is most the most amazing thing about this day. What was amazing is that this wonderful sunny morning turned into a gloomy afternoon - with rain and hale I've never seen before. Which was very cool, but made me really appreciate the fact that I was already inside, with a put of hot jasmine tea my trusty camera to film that impressive preview of an epic catastrophe movie.  



At this we had to say goodbye to Turin and head back to Sicily - take a plane to Trapani and then the last bus to Palermo. As I was getting into the bus, my FB feed told me that Jamala, Ukrainian this year's entry to Eurovision Song Contest, just started to perform. After 3 hours I woke up (still on the bus) to find out that we won. So that was quite a great day from all the perspectives.

See you again very soon, Turin!

And see you too!  

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