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#45daysofblogging 27: 20 tips for bad days

Day 27 - September 13

You know, there are good days, there are bad days, and there are also the days, when you just want to disappear from the face of Earth. Here are some of the tips that help me to live through this days without losing my mind or crying my eyes out.


1. If you have a reason to be sad, give yourself time to live through it. It's good to distract yourself, but I do believe that some things you just need to accept and live through.

2. If you feel like being on your own, do it! Put on something comfy, get something to drink or to eat and do everything you feel like doing.

3. If you feel like being with other people, do it! Call your close friends, go out for a coffee or for a beer. It's always nice to be among people that lift you up.  

4. Grab something to eat. Something that you like, something that will make you feel better. This is not the day for any diets or restrictions. 

5. At times like this I also love to cook something time consuming. It occupies me and put me in better mood. 

6. The same goes for drinks. For example, I'm well aware that cola is not the best thing to drink, but sometimes I do love to grab a cold tin and just enjoy it. 

7. One of the things that always works for me is going out for ice-cream with friends. It's a completely Italian habit and I picked it up with pleasure. 

8. Read a nice book. As I wrote in my Copenhagen post, I'm a big fan of Polish writer Joanna Chmielewska - her books are funny and interesting, the detective stories are always engaging, and they distract me from any worries.

9. Watch a movie that will lift you up. I love "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" so much! It saved me from so many bad days and  always puts me in a great mood.

10. The same for TV-shows. If you have some free time, it;s so great to put on one of the season of Friends or something else you love to watch. BTW, yes, I love Friends, and they are never getting old for me. 

11. It might seem weird, but I really don't suggest shopping. In my experience this is just a temporary solution and doesn't really lift up your mood. On the contrary, it might add also anxiety and regret for buying things you don't really need.

12. Get your space in order. For some reason it immediately makes me feel more organized and allows me to think more clearly. 

13. Wash your clothes. Works by the same principle as cleaning.

14. Do something creative. I love photography, and organizing and editing my photos always distracts me and puts me in better mood. 

15. DIY something, if it's your cup of tea. I love making my own jewelry and to knit scarves. 

16. Go for a walk around your favorite spots. 

17. I also love to go hiking or do some sort of a physical activity - dancing class, riding a bicycle or something else that brings you joy.

18. Take a class on something you're interested in. It occupies your time and thoughts, distracts you and you're also learning something useful. 

19. Plan out your week, month or your next trip. 

20. Try meditation. Trust me on this - it helps me so much when I'm feeling anxious or sad. You can take a course or download an app, you can even go to a retreat, if you have time and desire. I actually want to do a retreat since Thailand, but still didn't do it. 

Hope that it was helpful and useful. See you! 

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