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#45daysofblogging 36: BookClub... but not really

Day 36 - September 22

Palermo always knows how to impress me, especially with cool new projects I've never seen before.
For example this event, that now takes place in Palermo every week, each time in a new location.


The idea is very simple. You are given a topic (that is determined by the winner of the previous week). Then you have 40 minutes to write and you can write anything you want and in every language you want. As you can imagine, I still don't feel comfortable enough to write in Italian, so I actually write in Ukrainian.


Then, when the time is finished, everyone's gathers in a circle and each person reads what he or she wrote. Of course it's all completely voluntarily, and again - you can write and read in any language you want. The first time I've participates, my friend wrote a poem in Catalan, and I swear to you - she's got more applause then the rest.

Then, when everybody finished reading, the participants chose the winner of the week. And this person gets to determine the next week's topic.


One of the great things about these writing sprints is that the combination of the few motivating lines, a beautiful place, 40 minutes, dedicated only to being creative and the unrestricted freedom of self expression is really magical. You imagination takes you somewhere else and makes you reflect on so many little hings you even forgot about. The first time I've participated I started my piece with one thing and ended up with something very personal, autobiographical and kind of sweet. 

And the best part - you don't need to be a part of any organised group to do this. You can do it on your own, as long as you have a sheet of paper, a pen and a timer. You can do i with your partner, if you both love to write. You can do it with your friends and even turn it into a nice tradition. The only thing you need to have is love for writing! 

Photos by Piero Tranchida and Preziosa Salatino

See you!

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