вівторок, 27 вересня 2016 р.

#45daysofblogging 37: goodbye, summer!

Day 37 - September 23

I cannot believe the summer is over. But I know I need to accept this and say my goodbyes to it.


So thank you for everything, summer of 2016! You were great and quite kind to us here in the South - I know you can be much more cruel and hot, but you were just perfect. 

Thank you for all the great evenings and all the wonderful trips, big and small. Thank you for all the love and all the friendship. Thank you for wonderful weekends away from Palermo, for all the dinners on the rooftops, for all the beers and schweppeses outside on the stairs by the fountain. 

And a special thank you for sunsets like this, that made me feel so happy, free and so loved. 

Thank you for everything! And see you next year again!  

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