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#45daysofblogging 41: the magic of chocolate

Day 41 - September 27

This post in going to be a chatty one again.

Yesterday we celebrated two special occasions - I finally finished everything regarding our Human Library project and my friend Anna finished performing in Madame Butterfly

So what is the best way to celebrate something? To bake a cake, of course. So that's what we did. She came over to my apartment, we put that famous brownie from 45daysofblogging - day 6 in the oven and just chatted on the kitchen until it was ready. Then one more friend came over and we spend the whole evening on my balcony - speaking, eating brownie and just enjoying our own company.

It was a perfect evening - it didn't take any effort or even preparation (this brownie cooks itself), but it was much more enjoyable and comforting than any big party would be. 

And once again I thought about simple joys of life... Since I first moved to Palermo, I've noticed that I forgot about my typical weekend program I tend to follow in Kyiv (normally sleeping, eating, watching TV-show and then sleeping again). In Palermo I started respecting my evenings, weekends and free mornings so much more - I always try to take the most out of them and spend more time with the people I love. And something as easy as a bar of chocolate turned into a brownie can be a great reason to see your friends and have a nice simple evening together. 

This is the magic of chocolate. Of a cup of coffee and a cornetto on a balcony on sunny weekend morning. Of cooking and eating together. Of being a tourist for a day in your own city - take a guide tour, enter the places you never had time to visit, send a postcard to your distant friends. To go out for lunch and take a walk in the sun afterwards. Invite your friends for a movie night. Make a crepe party and ask people to bring they favorite condiments. 

Just be creative and open to new ideas. Spend time with friends and loved ones. Make surprises. Take opportunities. Catch any interesting experience. Travel to the next city. And just enjoy!

See you.

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