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#45daysofblogging 42: creating a photo story (and a photo exhibition)

Day 42 - September 28

As I already mentioned, I went to Slovenia not for tourism, but for a project. It was focused on developing our skills in the field of digital storytelling and also on helping each participant to create a photo or a video story. 


The best part was that we were not creating out stories. We were going to tell some one else's story - the stories of people, that lived through tough times, encountered obstacles in their lives and decided that they want to tell their stories to us (and to public).

And yes, it was the best part... and also the most nerve-wracking. We didn't decide upon the stories we will tell - out facilitators decided this based on our professional backgrounds and skills. I was very honored to be matched with one of the two females in the list - a girl named Ana. But to say that I was nervous before meeting her is not to say anything. I swear, I almost did sleep the night before and had to come back to my room twice in the morning to pick up the things I forgot. 

But of course everything went very well. Ana and her family invited me to pass a lovely Sunday with them ' we spoke a lot, had coffee, went to the lake. And the next day I went with her to the center where she goes every week day so that I can finish my story (you will see it in my next blog post).

Then we worked on the story with our tutor Luka (who is an amazing'amazing photographer and it was such a great pleasure to work with him and learn from him!). I came back with more than 600 photos, and for the final exhibition I needed to chose only 6. And not just any 6 - each of them should've been a chapter that, combined, tell Ana's story as she told it and as I saw it through my lens.

After that I took my laptop, found a quiet place and spent almost 3 hours writing and rewriting descriptions. I was very impressed by the amount of time it took me to put my thoughts together - I felt like every word has a special meaning and a special role in the final impact of the story.


Then we started organizing the space. That's me over there - on the ladder, wearing a pair of beautiful Minni Mouse inspired gloves - it was the only way to touch the photos and attach them to walls.

And then it was time for exhibition! This was my second photo exhibition, and I cannot even describe how great it was. It took place in Slovenian Academy of Arts and Science during July-August, exposing all the works of the photo group and QR codes that allowed the visitors to see the works of the video group.



Ana, me and the story on the wall. I was so happy to see her and her father at the opening of the exhibition - I felt a huge responsibility and it was a great relief to see that they liked my photos.


Our amazing photo team.


Photos  (apart from the first one) by Viviana Corvaia, Borut Dolenec, Tarmo Tõnismann and  Luka Dakskobler

Check out the next post to see the photo story itself!

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