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#45daysofblogging 44: spontaneous decisions

Day 44 - September 30

Few weeks ago the weirdest combination of study and life related stress, insomnia, not being able to wait till October 17 on my own and desire to both create connections for my research and to see friends lead me to a very spontaneous decision. I've checked all possible plane ticket aggregator, spoke to everyone I know in Milan, wrote to many professionals in my field and ended up buying the ticket to Bergamo and back.

* trivia - by this point when it comes to finding cheap lowcost tickets I'm almost a professional. If I have a cup of of good tea and a few episodes of Friends, I'm able to find quite nice deals. But! Sometimes you need to really choose between money and time. 

This time I chose to pay less and spend more time travelling. So on October 13 I'm going from Palermo to Paris (Beauvais), where I will wait for 8 hours, and then from Beauvais to Milan. Which sounds like quite an adventure!

I will only stay in Milan for 4 days, but I really hope I will manage to do everything I want for work and also to enjoy meeting some friends. I have a few previous posts on Milan, so I believe I already mentioned - I've been to Milan three times and never managed to stay there for even 24 hours. So this time I will definitely break this curse!

Also - I cannot believe I've managed to finish all 45 days of blogging! Yes, technically the last day is tomorrow, but it will just be the reflection on this experience. So yay, I did it!

See you!

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