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#45daysofblogging 45: how was it?

So yes, I did it! Even though I'm really trying not to feel like it was a bit of a fail - my apartment has not Internet since September 1st, so my idea of posting every day just couldn't be realized - I had to post 5-7 posts once a week from the library. But in any case I managed! 45daysofblogging - done!


I want to dedicate this post to select few things that I liked about this experience and few things, that I didn't. Because there were many, many thoughts that I have had during this time.

What I liked: 

1. It really kick-started my creativity - I'm one of the people that work much better under a deadline. So when I know that I don't have any particular schedule for my posts, I become very disorganized and tend to postpone everything. So when I had to post every day, I made a schedule and was quite good at following it. 

2. I had a chance to finally write all those posts that I wanted - I started this writing and posting sprint in the middle of August and finally had a chance to write about all the cool things I've done this year since pretty mach March. I had so much content and wasn't organised enough to write posts and publish it all at the right time. With this project I managed to work it all out, edit photos and write all the texts, which is great.

3.It taught me the importance of posting everything on time, because sometimes it's the only way it makes sense. Not waiting for 5 months!

4. Overall it was a great experience - I felt organized and put together, created my own routine and actually found comfort in it. In August we had a little tradition to go out for a walk and a gelato in the evening, and then it was actually quite nice to come back home, put on some music, make a cup of tea and write.

What I didn't like:

1. As I already sad - it's very difficult to manage this schedule if you have no Internet at home and also has to do a lot of other work. Editing and uploading photos takes some time and traffic, and I had to do many other things that require Internet access, so this was my priority when I was going to the library. Also lost any opportunity to keep up with my little evening routine. I could write, but I couldn't post, and this things were accumulating quite fast.

2. As happy as I was to finally wrote everything I wanted and to post all the photos I wanted, I can't help but feel that some of these posts required more time and editing. But as I had to write one post a day, I sometimes didn't manage to write everything as good as I wanted because of time restrictions and other obligations, and I fully understand it.

3. I've noticed that writing about travels was much, much easier that all the other posts that were just waiting for their time. In the end I wrote every travel post I wanted, and avoided many other ones, that are already half-written, but required much more attention, thought and were telling about more delicate matters.

4. I'm quite a perfectionist, so at one point this project added some stress to my days. It was the combination of not being able to post on time because of my Internet problem and not being able to write many things as well as I know I can, and it wasn't that nice for my mood.

So would I do it all over again? I guess yes.
When? Not for at least a year, that's for sure. It's a big commitment for me, and I will not do it unless I will be sure I'm able to deliver.

Thank you all very much for being with me! See you in a bit, hopefully with more scheduled and at the same time more thought through content. 

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