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Saying goodbyes in November

Hey, guys!

I'm really sorry for my absence, but between having no internet, then cracking my laptop screen (in a very mysterious way), constantly freezing in my room and also trying to do my main job - the research - I was feeling a bit lost, disorganised and unmotivated to do anything else. 

Thankfully it didn't last that long, so now I'm back full of ideas, inspiration and more organized schedule, that hopefully will allow me to write more and better, So in the nearest future I'm planning to share some stories from my October trip to Milan, more posts about my life in Palermo and even some videos.

I'm also planning one more exciting thing for this month - I'm currently creating another blog, that will be focused on my work as a youth worker, human rights trainer, PhD researcher and an active citizen. It's still in the process of making, but I promise you - when it will go live, you will be the first ones to know.


These photos actually have a special meaning, They were taken on the rooftop of Hotel Ambasciatory in Palermo city center (actually it's in the same building that was my first home in Palermo 2,5 years ago), We went there for a cup of coffee (and a beautiful view of the city) on a lovely Saturday afternoon in November. 

It was sunny and a bit cold, The sun and the clouds were creating the craziest shadows (you can see it on every photo - one of the most unbelievable light situations I've ever experienced). To celebrate this we ordered cappuccinos. (Yes, in the afternoon! In Italy! I felt like a true rebel and I loved it!). 

Skirt and scarf - H&M | Jacket - Pimkie | Bag - Pieces | Shoes - unknown Italian brand, but I bought them at PitaRosso

Everything was beautiful and very sad. In a few days, our friend Naser was leaving. He finished his Master's program and was going back to Jordan. 

As I already wrote once, the last three years of my life were full of goodbyes. And I hate goodbyes, I really do. It always makes me feel so sad and so helpless. But, as I wrote in the same post, I had to make my peace with it. 


And if you already have to say goodbye to someone (not even a goodbye - a see-you-soon, I'm sure), it's better to make it in a memorable place. And spend quality time together. Do everything that you loved to do together - go to your favourite bar, cook your favourite dish, collaborate with all your friends to buy a memorable present. And just breath through it. 


As one of my grandmas used to say: "I hate saying goodbye. But without it, I would have never had a chance to say "hello" and "nice to see you again"!".

So yes, I had to say more goodbyes in November. But we lived through it. And now we're waiting for a chance to say out hellos again. Hopefully - very soon.

See you!

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