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Happy bithday to me

Last week, on October 26 I turned 32 years old.

Those who've been reading my blog since it's start 6 years ago know that I have a difficult relationship with my birthday. On the same day 6 years ago I've lost my father (with whom I also had a very difficult relationship).

To think of it - there were quite a few bad things that happened to around my birthday over the years. Really bad ones in fact, like losing my job, for example. Until one day when it got really bad.

Ever since then I'm always very confused around my birthday. Should I celebrate? Should I mourn? Should I "Secret" the hell out of this day and believe that everything will go well? Prepare for the worst?

This year I decided just to let it go. I didn't want to have any huge celebration, but then, in the end, I had three very nice ones, with lots of good food and good people. I wasn't planning on getting any presents, but I got quite a lot of very nice ones. I wasn't expecting to have a special day, and in the end, I had a very special week. 

After such a great start I'm very motivated to have the even more special 32nd year of my life. 

So when I'm 32, I want to:
- proceed to the second year of my PhD with grace
- finish NaNoWriMo with something to show for it
- work more on Saathi and bring it to the place it deserves
- renew my permit of stay as fast and easy as possible
- see at least 3 more countries
- one of them being Tunisia, as I'm planning my trip there for two years now
- go back home for 2 weeks
- have a great NY celebration
- make a big progress on my research
- write more articles because it makes me ridiculously happy
- learn to play ukulele!  - this is the important one!


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