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One-day trips around Sicily: Villa Cattolica in Bagheria

Hello, beautiful souls!

Today I want to suggest one more cool destinations you can visit in one day if you ever find yourself in Sicily and in need of some paintings, photographs, vintage movie posters and killer tiles. Seriously, #tilesgoals.

Coat - Sisley | Sweater - H&M | Jeans - Zara | Boots - Bata | Bag - Pieces via Asos

So yes, if you are in Sicily, you have a free day and want all of those things, you need to visit the museum at villa Cattolica in Bagheria.

But first, chack out my video on YouTube (and remember to subscribe) and read till the end of the post to know some of my suggestions and tips. 

I actually never heard about this place before my friends, who came to Palermo for one day from Alcamo, invited me to go there with them. And I have to say that I really, really enjoyed it - both the place and the art, displayed there.


My favourite part was, of course, the photography section underground - it's incredible how much Sicily changed in the past few decades and at the same time stayed the same. I especially want to highlight the works of Mimmo Pintacuda - a photographer from Bagheria, who documented the day-to-day life of his city and was also a mentor to director Giuseppe Tornatore.


Three other floors are dedicated to paintings (with the progression from more classical to more modern one) and installations (on the third floor). I got familiar with works of Pina Calì - I've never heard about her, but really loved her works and now want to know more. 


Also in one of the other structures we accidentally found a very, very cool exhibition of vintage movie posters - you can see a few shots from there in the vlog I embedded above.

How to get to Bagheria?

Basically, you just need to get to Palermo from wherever you are staying, and then to take a train from the central station to Bagheria - it usually takes not more than 15-20 minutes.

The museum is opened every day from 9-00 to 17-00, and the entrance will cost you 5 euro.

I hope you will consider villa Cattolica as one of your one-day Sicilian adventures. 

See you around!

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