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YouTube recs - Jade Vanriel

Hey, guys! 

I haven't done this type of posts since my #45daysofblogging self-imposed, totally crazy and exhausting challenge.

Why? I don't know, but it doesn't mean that I didn't get any new favourite people on YouTube. I just didn't have that much time for blogging and too much of my own content to share with you when I actually had a free minute.


Today I want to recommend you to check out a very inspiring and beautiful channel I tend to go back to when I'm feeling a bit down or unmotivated.

Jade has recently bought her first home and makes a lot of videos about different questions regarding property, saving and following your dreams, as well as fashion and lifestyle videos.

I really like her positive energy, healthy approach to expensive purchases (check out the next video), her motivation and the way she sets new goals because I can really relate to many of the points she is speaking about. I also absolutely adore her style - both personal and her approach to home decor.

So if you are looking for inspiring stories and positive twist on things, you definitely need to check out her channel. 

See you around!

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