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Brussels diaries - the Atomium

Hello, people!

Since I was a very, very little girl I always dreamt about travelling. I don't remember ever wanting to marry a prince that badly, but I do remember imagining myself in various places around the world (mostly in Karnak or Acropolis) all the time, as I was reading every adventure novel I could find. Mind that in those times travelling, especially with a Ukrainian passport, wasn't all that easy. 

So now, as my dreams started to come true 4 years ago, I already saw three places I was absolutely obsessed with - Angkor wat in Cambodia, Acropolis in Greece (only from afar, but I will go back there) and now the Atomium here, in Belgium. 


I saw it for the first time when I was about 5 years old - my grandfather was working in Syria in the beginning of the 60s and he brought back many cool things with him, including a small device with a few boxes of slides from around the world. And I was spending hours looking at the pyramids of Giza, Greek temples, Damascus and its beautiful buildings covered in mosaics. And the Atomium, that was a very new thing at that time - it was constructed for the World Expo of 1958. 

I instantly became obsessed with it - to the same extent, as some people who are mesmerized by Eiffel tower. It looked so cool and futuristic and modern, and just like something that I really wanted to see. 

But as I was growing up I was adding more and more must-see destinations to my bucket list and the Atomium wasn't a number one anymore... Until July 2017, when I realised that - holy cow, I'm going to live in Brussels! 

So yes, on my first weekend here I went straight ahead to the Atomium and had an amazing day dorking out at how weird, futuristic and old-school sci-fi it looks. I have a feeling I will go there a few more times till the end of November, because... just because!

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