понеділок, 29 листопада 2010 р.

Ready for winter)

First snow melted very quickly, but today I woke up and saw that everything is white once again.
Few weeks ago I was going through my stuff, cleaning the wadrobe, and decided to make some sort of a scarf catalogue)) There're not all the stuff I own, but what I tend to wear often.

Warm and chunky knitted or crocheted scarves.

Two 1960s scarves from Damascus (I was wearing the ivory one in one of the outfit posts), which belonged to my grandmother.
Crocheted shawl (also worn by me in an outfit post) and two knitted scarves I've made back in the times of univercity.
Grandma's ivory shawl.
Two scarves, knitted for me by my friend Mila.
Two gifts from my other friends.

Three scarves I've made this autumn - crocheted orange-and-turquoise braided scarf, brown circle scarf (or the cowl) with green flower brooch (you'd see this brooch in the next post too)) and lilac scarf.

Scarves and pashmina, that are slightly thinner.

Leopard printed shawl (a gift from my uni study group), black and white granny's shawl, black woolen traditional Ukrainian shawl with flowers and a thin scarf I've bought for my cousins wedding (for the chuch part of it).
Green Indian scarf (Sasha brouht it to me from Goa for my 25th birthday) and the thrifted cashmere pashmina.
green-n-brown and pink scarves from an Indian shop in Sevastopol, bordo pashmina (I have no idea where I've bought it)) and an arafat shawl, a gift from Germany.

The shawls from my uni (never wore them, but still)).
A few silk scarves and shawls.
Pareos (I don't wear any of it in winter of course))))) - the orange one would be the topic of my next DIY post))
A weird scarf thingy I once bought in Lviv, when I was very cold and had no scarf. I love it's colors, and sometimes us it as the scarf or as pareo.
Green-and-brown fingerless glows I've crocheted, purple gloves (a gift from a friend), two pairs of gloves I've bought years ago, two pairs of long fingerless gloves (turquoise and black, both made by me) and a pair of thin leather gloves. I normally don't wear any leather, but this ones are vintage, so I keep them just in case.

Hats - the one knitted by Mila, the white one with the flower (I've bougth it from one nice old lady, who's making them for sale) , the white one from Marks & Spencer ant the dark green one I've knitted rescently.

Earwarmer I've bought when I lived in Czech Republic, and two pink headbands I've crocheted.

Are you ready for winter?)))

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