понеділок, 29 листопада 2010 р.

DIY - What to do with an old scarf?

Well, technically it wasn't a scarf, more of a pareo. I took it with me to the beach for many years, but this tradition sadly was ended this summer. Me and my friends went to the sea for the music festival and few days of camping, and one day I put my sunny pareo in the same pocket of my backpack as the hairbrush. And hairbrush won. Pareo was destroyed and had a lot of holes in it.

I didn't know what to do with it for a while, but then it get to me - a braided scarf! I've started surfing internet for some inspiration and I found it. Then it was just a matter of creativity.
I've ironed it very good, then took my sharpest pair of scissors and started cutting out the damaged pieces of fabric. It's a good thing that it has stripes - made cutting really easy and precise.
When I've finished all the cutting, I was left with 4 stripes of undamaged fabric. I took the thinnest of the damaged pieces, cut away the holes and divided it in two halfs. I used this pieces to tie the loose ends.
I've made a very loose braid of the good stripes of the pareo, then tied up the ends in the same way, as the others.

After all of this, when I had the new cute scarf (it woud be awesome for spring, I can already picture it with the stuff from my wadrobe), I also still had two srtipes of damaged fabric. I've decided to make a few flower brooches out of it.
So now, if you have a scarf, pareo or pashmina with a few holes in it, you know one of the ways to make it wearable again.

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