середа, 1 грудня 2010 р.

Pirate boots by Vivienne Westwood

I fell in love with this boots a long time ago. They seem to be comfy and I like the fact that they look amazing with everything - jeans, and shorts of almost any kind, beautiful dresses.
I'm hunting (I really am, there's no better word to explain what I'm doing) them on e-bay, but no luck so far. And it's not even the matter of price - I've found some pretty good deals on them, and they would've been a nice motivation for taking a new translation project (and even work once in a while). But none of the sellers is shipping to Ukraine. And that's a huge problem.
I'm still hunting though - I'm optimistic, so I hope they'll get a little cheaper when I find my perfect pair (I know that they'd probably become some kind a collectors item and will cost a fortune, but girl can hope).
Sienna Miller looks great in pirate boots 
And my beautiful girl Katie McGrath on the photo for Sunday Express. Love how she styled then - with black skinny jeans, tweed jacket and the scarf her mum knitted for her.

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