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{outfit post - florals}

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While I'm waiting for pictures from last week, when my friends come to visit, I think I need to post an outfit from the week before. Right now Kiev is melting in an unexpected heat-wave, so I can't even imagine putting on a pair of jeans instead of a light dress. It was quite warm then too, but I felt really comfortable in this outfit.
As the last outfit, this one also reminds me a little of what Rachel Zoe wear. Love this floral shirt - it's quite big on me, but really comfortable and a belt can solve the problem of bigger size.
Also - I love how it matches my wedges) It's a bit too matchy-matchy for me, but I've bought the shoes first and then had a huge thrifting luck with finding this dress and this shirt) I'm all for florals this summer, so it was a great coincidence)

Поки я чекаю на фотографії з минулого тижня, коли до мене приїжджали друзі, нарешті покажу вбрання з позаминулого тижня. Зараз у Києві через неочікувану спеку плавиться асфальт, і я навіть подумати не можу про те, щоб вдягнути джинси, а не легеньку сукню. тоді теж було доволі тепло, але у цьому вбранні я почувалась дуже комфортно.
Як і вбрання з минулого поста, це теж нагадує мені те, що могла б вдягнути Рейчел Зое. Дуже люблю цю квітчасту сорочку - вона на мене завелика, але дуже приємна до шкіри, а ремінь легко вирішує проблему більшого розміру.
Також мені дуже подобається, як вона поєднується із взуттям. Можливо, вони занадто вже схожі, але я спершу купила ці босоніжки, а вже потім мені пощастило знайти цю сукню та цю сорочку. Я цього літа люблю квіточки, тому мене дуже порадувало це співпадіння)

Shirt - thrifted
Jeans - thrifted
Bag - thrifted
Bracelets - Topshop and Thailand
Necklaces - handmade and a gift from Afisha magazine
Wedges - Sketchers (I'm wearing them way too often)))
Sunnies - Peacocks
Belt - Rainbow (via Bon Prix)
Owl ring - Seppala, gift from my mom

eee 039 (563x422)

eee 040 (563x422)

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  1. Don't you look fantastic! I love how you put this together...it accentuates your hourglass figure! The layered necklaces are ALWAYS a favorite! Big US hugs! ~Serene

  2. That's a lovely flattering outfit. I love florals, and love your bangles too.

    Thank you for your kind comments about Pru. She's the perfect dog, we love her so much. X

  3. haha yes - it's very rachel zoe - the flared jeans - the seventies top - the belted waist - lucky you having a heat wave! Make the most of it and pull out all the florals you can!

  4. So very cute. Sometimes matchy-matchy is great. Still very hot here too. Hard to get motivated to get dressed in this weather ;)

  5. Oh!!! I Love your blog!

    Follow me if you like my blog and let me know it!
    I'll follow you back.

  6. You look incredible! The belt makes me happy, anything belted is good in my opinion. :) That blouse is so pretty and such lovely colors on you, and the jeans fit perfectly! I love this!

  7. Ah, love this -such a pretty look! I just can't seem to get enough of floral patterns, they always look so pretty and have just that perfect hint of vintage. Happy almost Friday. xo veronika

  8. I love the slouchy floral blouse with the belt and the accessories are just perfect!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  9. I do love this outfit hon, especially with the wonderful collection of silver trinkets and belt - what an amazing figure!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

  10. thank you sweetie! i follow you back!

  11. God, girls you look so cute:) Floral aptterns always work;) Really great! You got a new fan and follower!! XOXO


  12. super cute outfit! that belt rocks! :)


  13. I love you in your floral pattern top.

  14. such pretty top, you look beautiful in florals. =)