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DIY bracelet

Nothing to hard to do, honestly. I'm just so starved for any DIY project (and I have no oppotunity to buy many DIY supplies because I'm travelling and have no space in my suitcase)), that I'm ready to do the easiest one, just to do something.

So here is the bracelet I've made today. Super easy, but looks really cool - I went to have a quick lunch/dinner with my friend and received a few compliments on it.


IMG_5854 (563x422)

You'll need:

- a strip of leather or other matherial (I had a leftover strap from flip-flops)
- two pieces of ribbon (I've used black)
- studded ribbon (I have no idea how it's called in English, I'm sorry) It's just a piece of plastic studs you can cut and glue or sew on some clothes, bags, etc)
- a sewing kit
- a hole-punching device
- a pair of sissors

IMG_5855 (563x422)

1. Make two holes in the ends of the leather strap

IMG_5857 (563x422)

2. Put ribbons through holes and tie them with knots

IMG_5858 (563x422)

IMG_5859 (563x422)

3. Measure the lenght between the holes

IMG_5860 (563x422)

IMG_5862 (563x422)

4. Measure and cut the plastic ribbon.

IMG_5863 (563x422)

IMG_5864 (563x422)

5. Sew the studs onto the leather.

IMG_5865 (563x422)

Voila! Now you have a cute bracelet! I can't wait to make more of these when I got back home.

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