середа, 23 жовтня 2013 р.

Autumn's here

We have an amazingly beautiful autumn in Kyiv this year. It's almost like a reward for me - during the time I spent in South East Asia I couldn't stop dreaming about autumn. About clear cool air, beautiful leaves and cozy scarfs-boots-coats outfits (I think everyone's going to dream about it while living in +40C temperatures).

So this weekend we went to one of my absolutely favorite spots in Kyiv and my friend took some pictures of me. And yes, I wear glasses now. It's not a fashion choice - my eyes get so tired because of constant writing/translating that this is the only possible way to help them relax a little. I'd love to still have my perfect eyesight, but we have what we have. I kinda love them, so I don't mind.

Jeans, coat, boots, denim shirt - thrifted
Scarf - bought it at Pratunam market in Bangkok
Bracelets - handmade, Centro and bought at Chatuchak market in Bangkok
Earrings - KUZ and borrowed from my mom
Glasses - Carl Zeiss

1 I'm actually holding a pumpkin tart here. I bought it from 'Baker Street' bakery and was trying not to break it.




Also - I've decided to be more casual with this blog from now on. I really dislike all this endless self promotion happening in blogosphere. I just want to make casual posts and write about things like. I don't care if it makes me a travel blogger, a fashion blogger or a lifestyle blogger, I don't care how much traffic I get.

Everyone who's interested in my life and what I have to say are welcomed here. But if you're expecting to increase the traffic on your blog - I don't think it's going to work for me anymore.

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  1. What a lovely, textured autumn outfit, and what glowing images by your friend! I love your glasses, too. I want to buy some stylish new glasses so I don't have to wear contact lenses every day to feel pretty, but...we're also considering Lasik surgery for me in the next couple of years so I feel I should conserve the money.

    I'm here because I'm interested in your life, your style, and the cities you explore.

  2. Hello!
    Have you moved back to Kiev? This year's autumn is so colourful, it makes me very happy, too. :-)
    Greetings from Vienna, Paula

  3. hah! Love this. I completely agree, you should post about whatever the heck you want to post about. Who cares what that labels you.

    Love these photos - especially the last few by the tree. Gorgeous fall colours! xx