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Living in times of change

*UPD*: Unfortunately, I had to edit this post delete all the nice things I have written before about one of the YouTubers who participated in BlackLifeMatters protests. I just can't keep a rec for a channel, whose creator things that it's acceptable to fight discrimination with discrimination and bash Eastern European women on numerous occasions. I never supported discrimination and will not support it now. I'm absolutely disgusted by the whole situation and don't want to have her name on my blog. 

In my country people love to quote an old Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times (times of change)”, even though, as far as I know, it’s highly unproven that a Chinese curse like this ever existed. In any case - I never agreed with this. 

We live in times of change and we need to appreciate it. We can see the history being made and can even help make it. For example, I’ve participated in two revolutions and, as horrible, tragic and difficult as it was, I’m happy I got to see everything with my own eyes. To be one of the people that change history is a huge honour and a huge responsibility. But also it’s in some way a blessing, as all your experiences and opinions are your own. 


As I love authenticity in everything, I don’t believe in sterile blogging, separated from real life and serious topics. It will never work for me – I’m a human rights activist, I volunteer a lot and work in the social field, I’m doing my PhD research on domestic violence and it’s a huge part of my life. So, as the result, it is also a huge part of my blogging life too.

* I’m not going to go into details on my experience of blogging during the revolution – for many reasons it was not a nice experience. Let's just say that I had reasons to delete my old posts when I moved my blog to this address. Maybe once I will dedicate a post to it, but for now, I still remember it all too well (including quite ugly comments and accusations I received while describing my life at that time). 

But now I stand by this even stronger – I write about the things I’m passionate about. All of them. So I’m always very happy to find bloggers and vloggers that are also passionate about many things and have an active position in society. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to see it all through the perception of the activists. Black lives matter. All lives matter. I believe that people that really believe in the cause can change the world. 

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