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#45daysofblogging 08: 100 things about me - part 1/5

Day 8 - August 25

100 things about me has to be one of my favorite types of posts and youtube videos. But I never thought that finding even 20 interesting fact about myself will make me drink endless cups of tea and look through all the old photos I have. 


But I did it! So here is the first part of my "100 things about me" series: 

1. I was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

2. My name was given to me by my dad, who had this name in mind and didn’t listen to anyone.

3. BTW, my name is exactly the same as name Marina, but in Ukrainian transcription it’s Maryna.

4. I’m bilingual, as in my family we always spoke both Ukrainian and Russian.

5. When I was little (4-6 y.o.) I lived in Czech Republic (at that times – Czechoslovakia) with my parents, where I actually started the school.

6. Which was very cool and a bit of a touch of destiny, as I’m 1/8 Czech.

7. I’m also 1/8 Karelian. All the other parts of me are Ukrainian.

8. When I was little I wanted to change my name to Oksana and it was also the name of my imaginary twin sister (okay, honestly, who haven’t had one?) 

9. I absolutely hated school uniform when I was a kid and was very happy when, after the end of USSR, this nonsense stopped. 

10. I caught up with me later though – in the private school where I transferred after the 6th grade and even at two of my first work places. That’s why I don’t even own a blazer now. And I’m very happy this way. 

11. I was the fastest reading kid in my class. Really, we were supposed to pass a test on the reading speed and I was always the first (of course my classmates hated me)

12. My first ever job was helping with the repairs in my step-cousin’s school. 

13. Yes, my family is so complicated, I have people in my life I refer to as my step-cousins. I even have a person I call “my step-cousin’s step-cousin”. 

14. In my second school I was a part of school student administration and was actually quite active at this. I was the minister of information (which meant that I was doing the school’s newspaper).

15. I speak 4 languages – Ukrainian, Russian, English and Italian (or 4,5 as I like to joke, because I managed to forget all the Spanish I knew).

16. I started working full time when I was 20, which is crazy early for Western Europe, but quite normal for Ukraine 

17. At one point of my life I was organizing concerts of Italian opera singers. Who knew… 

18. I don’t play any instruments, as my mom was way too traumatized by the years of musical school she had to survive as a child. 

19. The tastes I absolutely hate are anise and licorice. I am a total foodie, I love trying new things, but I cannot even think about licorice candy, Pastis or Sambuka. Also Jagermeister. Honestly – this is how evil must taste like. 

20. I broke two bones in my life – my right leg when I was about 5 (fell down from wall bars) and the toe on my left foot when I was 27 (during the dance practice, as I was doing contemporary) 

TBC. And see you tomorrow!

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