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#45daysofblogging 09: fun times in Debrecen

Day 9 - August 26

In April I've visited Hungary for the second time. First time I went there in 2014 for the Coucil of Europe study session on gender-based violence and fell head over hills with Budapest, even though I barely had any time to walk around (on the way back I had to pay 45 euro to Wizzair monster, because my suitcase was 2 mm bigger than their frame, and then searched in Bergamo, because... wait for it... I had to many books in my suitcase. Honestly, I don't even want to comment on this)

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Aren't we adorable? Team-building activities at their best!

But this time I had a chance to see a smaller Hungarian city, and I loved it a lot too. It's so very different from Budapest, but has so many nice features that I can honestly recommend it to those who want to really discover Hungary and spend a few days in a quiet, charming and beautiful little city.

The view from my balcony - Debrecen's main square

What to do in Debrecen?

Walk around the center of the city, ask locals for directions to one of the cute bars, where you can have a cold bottle of Soproni, have a coffee at the Crocodile cafe. 

Take a tram to the beautiful park, visit the hot baths, take a nice walk around and enjoy the tranquility. Also go to see the university - it's very beautiful and inspiring (at least for me).


On Friday evening go out and have fun - there are many things that are going out in the city, right on the streets. We, for example, managed to meet the best street musician of all times. BTW, thank you so much for "Don't look back in anger"!


Also - try to visit the youth center - it's not only absolutely beautiful, but also hosts concerts and works as a bar too. 

A sneak preview of my River of Learning

Also - study. We did a training course on working with people in NEET situation (Neither in Education, Employment or Training), which is partly my daily job. And I have to say that Debrecen is perfect for this type of problems. It's big enough for participants to enjoy their free time, but quiet enough for them to actually focus on the topic.

Also you can organize a local initiative or a flash mob. We did, for example, and it was cool!


See you tomorrow, guys!

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