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#45daysofblogging 11: missing autumn?

Day 11 - August 28
- What did you come here for anyway? 
- I love old things. They make me feel sad. 
- What's good about sad? 
- It's happy for deep people.
Doctor Who 3x10 - "Blink"

Do I miss autumn? To answer in one word - yes. In three - yes, a lot! And I'm fully aware of how weird this sounds to people that don't live in the South.


You never know which things you will miss from your own country, and sometimes it's the weirdest things, for example, being able to send a postcard in 30 seconds (in Italy it takes at least 30 minutes) or to buy a few coupons for close to nothing and spend the whole Saturday in a spa mode - manicure, hair treatment, full body massage. 

But I honestly doesn't miss anything as much as I miss autumn. And I know a few Ukrainian girls who also live on Sicily and who will agree with me completely. It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the sun, or the sea, or the fact that sometimes I can go to the beach even in November. Just that autumn is such a magical time for me, and I always felt so connected to it, that when my friends are discussing new fall trends, hot wine recipes and rainy weather, I feel a sort of a phantom pain.

So this is the post about all the autumn things I love. About cinnamon coffees and apple pies, About figs, and delicious grapes, and watermelons. About "fog and yellow leaves" (as described by my friend Lidia), and fresh mornings, and the amazing colors of the trees. About chestnuts! About black tights, and boots, and layering, and soft warm scarves. About pumpkins. About walking under the rain with your trusty umbrella or listening to the wonderful sounds of dried leaves under your feet.

About baking, and making your house smell like mulled wine. About reading under the blanket and sipping hot tea from a big mug. About waking up on a rainy Saturday morning... and deciding to go back under the blanket. About being creative and finding inspiration in every smell and every sound. 

About all the thing that I will not have this year. It doesn't meant I will not enjoy my autumn, because I will, and a lot. But one of the attributes of autumn for me is sweet nostalgia, and that's the only one I will get this year.

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