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#45daysofblogging 12: 100 things about me 3/5

Day 12 - August 29

And here we go again - the third installment of 100 things about me and the 12th installment of 45daysofblogging!


41. During my life I lived in four countries – Ukraine, Czech Republic, Thailand and Italy.

42. The first time I heard about Easter I was around 6. Yay for communism that always prohibits religions and religious holidays

 43. I started this blog 6 or 7 years ago (but on another address) because I was inspired by one blogger that stopped writing now. I just enjoyed her weekend blogs about road trips and visiting local wineries way too much.

 44. My favorite colors are bordo, coral and all the derivatives (to wear) and turquoise (for jewelry and all the rest)

 45. The colors I like the least are green and yellow. And if I can imagine buying a green sweater or an eye shadows, I’m still struggling to imagine myself in anything yellow.

 46. Having said that, if I’m painting, I’m using all the colors I have at the same time.

 47. BTW, I know nothing about painting or drawing, but I love it and do it quite often

 48. My favorite time of year is autumn. I have many blog posts dedicated to it.

 49. My star sign is Scorpio. Yes, I know.

 50. My Chinese horoscope sign is Rat

 51. I’ve managed to participate in two revolutions by the time I was 30

 52. I’m doing a lot of volunteering and social work, and I love it.

 53. Actually, the moment I embraced the fact that I will probably never be successful in terms of money, so I’d much rather start doing what I love, my life turned upside down and things started to look up for me.

 54. I’m absolutely unable to sleep the whole night in socks. Even on the coldest night, as soon as my feet start to feel warm, I take off the socks. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t like this before.

 55. I used to have a dog from when I was 4th year in primary school till 4th year of university. He was my best friend and I still miss him a lot.

 56. I love watching TV-shows, and I used to watch even more of them before I moved to Italy. My current favorites are Orphan Black, Hemlock Grove and, paradoxically, Death in Paradise.

 57. Speaking of paradise – Coldplay’s music video Paradise for some reason makes me very emotional and sad. I have no idea why, but it does.

 58. One of my most precious possession in life is the silk dress that my mom made in 1976.

 59. I have dysplasia, and thanks to the treatment I had for it in my childhood, I now have perfectly open hips – professional dancer work for years to achieve it, and I got it from wearing a super weird construction on my feet for a long time when I was around 1 year old.

 60. I have a grey sweater and a bretton stripe obsession. Really, I need help.

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