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#45daysofblogging 13: who are you?

Day 13 - August 30

I was thinking for a long time about writing about some of non-formal educational techniques that I use in my work as a trainer and a youth worker, and finally decided to do it. I know that probably there are not that many people here who will be interested in reading about very specific and difficult activities, but I've chosen a few that can be useful as self-discovery methods for when you are feeling a bit confused or just want to reflect on some things from your past. 

Who are you

The techniques that I've chosen are all tried out and approved by me (meaning - I've done them and was impressed how good and peaceful they made me feel), so I hope it will be interesting and useful for you too. 

So the first one has many interpretation. Through out the years I've done it with words, drawings, collages and photos, and I really love the perspective it gives you. You are very free to choose the art or method you like the best, but about a month ago I made it again through photo for a training course I was participating in, so I want to speak about this. 

We were asked to show who we are with a photo - through objects and backgrounds. I've done this a few years ago, so it was even more interesting to repeat it after such a long time, especially considering that I'm leaving in a different country now and don't have that many things in general. 


So I chose to represent myself with a flat lay and the following items - the red coffee cup (Italian size, yes), the bottle of rose perfume, the coral necklace made by my mom (a play on Ukrainian traditional coral necklace girls used to wear), the 4 kilo dumbbell I scored this year at the flee market, the printed photo of me in Taormina, my tablet in the case I bought in Cambodia (it's made out of recycled cement bags and it's a very popular thing in Cambodia, which I adore - amazing idea for recycling!), a yellow paper circle that says "I love life" in Ukrainian (a memory of some project), my crazy turquoise watch I later drowned in the sea (well, I just forgot to take it off, went swimming and it never worked again, so to me it equals to drowning), my favorite sheep tote bag I bought 4 years ago in Vilnius and "The little prince" in Italian (still reading it, which says a lot about my level of the language).

I love this exercise because it let's you think about all the things you find important in your life - pretty and smelling of roses or old and rusty, like my wonderful dumbbell - the way you want to represent yourself, which sides of your personality you find important now. I remember the first time I made this - it was full of tubes of paint and brushes, dream catchers and other bohemian things that I still love and appreciate, but which are not defining me anymore.

I really encourage you to try this methodology out. I think it's quite interesting and even meditative experience. And if you do - let me know how it went, okay?

See you tomorrow!

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