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#45daysofblogging 14: 100 things about me 4/5

Day 14 - August 31

First of all - sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! My place has no internet and I'm finding it very difficult to function like this, as I have to study, work and also blog from home. Let's hope we will figure it out very soon.

Secondly - four parts done, one to go! Actually I never thought that thinking about interesting details about myself can be so difficult. But trust me, it is! 


61. My favorite thing to bake is an apple pie with cinnamon. Oooooh. 

62. I always have a green plant of some sort in my place, even when I move. 

63. I have a list called “Countries I’ve been to, but not really”, meaning – I only got to see airport. 

64. It includes Jordan (Amman), UAE (Dubai), Germany (Munich – a few times), Turkey (Istanbul), Switzerland (Zurich), Austria (Vienna), France (Paris). One day I will got to all of those places for real! 

65. Once I was an extra in a Bollywood movie. That’s probably the most interesting sounding job I’ve ever done. 

66. BTW, I wasn’t dancing or anything – I was playing a cheerleader.

67. At one point I was taking classes on cross-stitching and I’m actually quite good at it. 

68. I did also something that was called flower arranging. But in reality we were just making small flowers from fabric, starch, glue and even some black tea. 

69. Technically I’m an Orthodox Cristian. Which means that my Christmas in in January and my Easter varies from being on exactly the same day as the Catholic one to being one month later. 

70. However I’m not a fan of organized religion and consider myself just a spiritual person. 

71. One of my hobbies is looking for vintage dresses that are, however, modern enough so I would be able to wear them on daily bases and not look like a photo from 1960s. I have to say, it’s actually not that easy. 

72. I love having a planner at all times, but lately I realized that I use my Google way more. 

73. I watch way too many youtube videos, and my friends are always making fun of me because of that. 

74. But I don’t really care about it – I feel like youtube in some sense became my older sister and taught me everything I wanted to know. 

75. When I’m feeling sad or stressed, I normally either try to travel somewhere, even if it’s just to another city, or take a bath. If I’m very stressed or very sad, I, of course, do both. 

76. I almost never wear heels lately, which is very weird to think about – I used to wear them a lot. But considering the cobbled streets of Palermo… 

77. I believe in recycling and reusing everything that is possible, and it makes me very sad that Palermo as a city doesn’t really care about sorting out the garbage. 

78. I don’t eat meat for about 11 years now. But no, I don’t call myself any of the special words – I’m just a person that doesn’t eat meat. 

79. I really want to learn how to play ukulele, so if you know any good tutorial online, I will be very thankful for a link. 

80. I already wrote that I became much more minimalistic after living in Thailand for a bit. I think it’s because I had to make many sacrifices in terms of luggage even before I left Ukraine. I have a feeling that I packed everything in two – two T-shirts, two dresses, two skirts, two pairs of shorts…

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