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#45daysofblogging 28: up and about

Day 28 - September 14

On a lovely day in the middle of July, right before going to Slovenia, I had a day of an absolute bliss - it got colder in Palermo. 


If you haven't lived through a very hot humid summer, you cannot even imagine, how much of a difference 7 degrees can make. Finally I was able to breath, to think, to sleep through the night, to write and do something creative by once.


And the most important part - I finally got courage to go up the Cattedrale, one of the main attractions of Palermo. It will cost you about 5 euro and is normally open every weekend in summer, but I honestly don't suggest doing it on a hot sunny day, as you need to go up the stairs and then walk across the hot-hot-HOT roof.


But look at all the beauty you can see from up there! I still can't get over it.


Lazy Sunday outfit - cotton, denim, a pair of sandals, that are 13 years old and a bucket bag, big enough to fit my camera.


Cattedrale's yard - the most touristic place in the whole city (although it shares the title with piazza Verdi by Teatro Massimo).


... and someone's taking our picture from downstairs.


Days like this inspired me to create #Saturdaymornings and #Sundaymornings tags on Instagram. I don't think I ever had so many meaningful weekends at any other chapters of my life, as I do in Palermo. And I don't even need to climb on top of the buildings to have a great day off. It was enough to just start treating every day as my time on Earth, and not like something disposable, that can be wasted.    


See you, people!

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