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#45daysofblogging 29: youtube recs - Elle Florence

Day 29 - September 15

Don't worry, I don't plan to do many posts like this - mostly because there are not that many channels I like enough to recommend them.

But today I want to recommend you to check out Elle Florence's videos, just because I've grown to like them so much.


To tell you the truth, it took me some time, for various reasons (one of them being that I'm more interested in simplifying my life even more, so I don't really like or watch "collection videos"). But then I just got addicted! I really love her sense of humor, way of life and the philosophy of treating yourself with a lot of respect. And I cannot wait till this year's vlogmas, just because those are the coziest and loveliest videos I've ever watched.

So yes, I suggest you to check out Elle's channel. I think you will not regret it!

See you!

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