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#45daysofblogging 38: Bled

Day 38 - September 24

It's not going to be a long post, just because I don't even have any descent pictures - I took my camera, but had a problem with the memory card, so had to rely only on my phone. But I loved that day so much, I really want to dedicate this blog post to it, even if I only have a few words to say. 

On one of the days in Ljubljana, when we already finished with out photo stories and had some free time, one of the training team members (Sara, you are the BEST!) gave us the keys to her car to go and see Bled lake.


*words of wisdom - if someone will ever say to you: "Do you want to go see Bled, but only for a very short time?", always say yes, even if it will mean that you will see it just for 5 minutes. I almost missed the chance and now I know I would've never forgive myself if I actually did. 

I knew that I will love Slovenia, I knew that the lake was beautiful, and still I was surprised by how beautiful it actually was. No wonder - it's located in Julian Alps, about one hour away from Ljubljana. 


We didn't have time to do anything major, just a few hours to relax, have a beer, put our feet in water and just forget about everything. And trust me - those few hours are absolutely worth the drive. If you are ever in Slovenia, it's one of the absolute must-sees of the country. 

See you!

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