субота, 5 січня 2013 р.

Out and about

I just loved my January 2nd. My friend Luda and I went shopping for some DIY supplies and went for a lunch (and immediately started working on our projects!).

Друге січня у мене було чудовим. Ми з Людою пішли купувати різні гарні штучки для рукоділля, а потім обідати (і одразу ж почали збирати прикраси з щойно куплених деталей!).

Новая папка (563x317)

I'm wearing:
Coat - H&M, thrifted
Scarf - Self made (inspired by the scarf Katie McGrath wears sometimes - here and here)
Jeans - hand-me-downs from my lovely Sasha (we exchange clothes sometimes)
Boots - Doc Martens, a gift from my mom (I guess it's been 4 years or so)
Bag - thrifted
Mittens - street vendor
Belt - b.p.c. (via bonprix.ua)

IMG_5171 (563x422)


That's what I bought - some beads and elastic string for a very easy DIY bracelet (posting it soon). I've also bought supplies for making another bracelet and some beautiful coral colored lace from my favorite place - Sister's (I'm gonna make it into a dress).

Ось що я купила - намистинки-конуси та гумову стрічку, щоб зробити дуже простий браслет (чекайте на майстер-клас). Ще я купила основи для іншого браслета та дуже гарне коралове мереживо на сукню у моїх улюблених Sister's.


С Людой (563x209)

And here is Luda's project - isn't it gorgeous? I'm making myself one soon, 'cause it looks really cool.

А ось що зробила Люда. Я завтра ж куплю собі такі ж "шпичаки"!)


And what were you doing on January 2nd?

А що ви робили другого січня?

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  1. Great outfit - love the necklace too :)


  2. cute necklace!

    xo Jennifer


  3. Let´s keep in closer touch this 2013,Marina.

  4. Love the necklace!


  5. That necklace is so great. Wow! Marina my darling how are you? Happy 2013! Consider joining Adrienne and me for the new How I Wear My post. For February we are doing Date Night Look and it doesn't have to be a date with a boyfriend it can be a girl's night out or a date with yourself! I'm hosting and it would be great to include you again! XO, Jill

  6. nice necklace, really good